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At Research Recruitment we believe that optimal job performance and satisfaction arise when the skills, abilities and interests of individuals match those required in the job they are doing. But the employee cycle doesn’t end with recruitment which is why we have the resources to assist you in the following areas:


Psychometric assessment: hile we use psychometric testing extensively as a form of objective assessment in the recruitment process, our assessments can also be used as part of an individual or organisation wide development strategy.


Training and development: talented individuals often don’t reach their full potential due to lack of training in the workplace. We can assist you in identifying your employees’ key strengths and more importantly how to bridge the gap between their current skill level and what your organisation needs to achieve its long term goals.


Performance management: our qualifications in Human Resource Management and Psychology as well as our industry experience makes us ideally placed to offer advice on performance management issues such as salary scales and performance reviews.


Organisational development: in a constantly changing business environment, organisations are often facing new and evolving problems. Our role in this regard is to assist in diagnosing organisational problems, recommending or enacting changes and assessing the effectiveness of these changes, that will often involving your employees, work procedures or technology.


Background briefing: this is an independent screening service that can verify candidate backgrounds such as education qualifications, drivers licence background and foreign applicant backgrounds.


Employee counselling: with increasing pressures to be an ‘employer of choice’ organisations are searching for ways to differentiate themselves and reassure their staff that they are valued. Our employee counselling service can assist in helping your staff through any personal difficulties.


For more information on any of these services, contact the team at Research Recruitment.