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Establishing staffing needs: When job vacancies arise, an organisation must decide whether to fill the position by normal recruitment and selection procedures or to look at the structure of the organisation and other alternatives. Research Recruitment can work with you in establishing exactly what your staffing needs are and what other alternatives you may have.


Job Analysis and Position Descriptions: Position descriptions that have been based on an accurate job analysis are crucial to the development of selection criteria and ultimately suitable candidates. An accurate position description can be used not only as the basis of successful selection criteria and therefore employment of staff but other HR systems including training and development, remuneration and performance management. Our team can work with you to conduct a job analysis and construct tailored position descriptions for your organisation.


Sourcing and Screening Candidates: Whilst it may be necessary to advertise, Research Recruitment will also use our contacts, databases, networks and international affiliations, including Research Recruitment UK in sourcing our candidate pool. The screening process involves a comprehensive assessment of a candidate’s skill base through the use of competency based structured interviews, behaviourally based questioning and work samples.


Psychological and Aptitude Testing: An accurately designed and administered testing procedure can provide crucial information on a candidate’s skills, competencies and aptitudes. Psychological and Aptitude testing ensures the validity of your recruitment and selection process and provides information that cannot always be obtained by alternate means. The specific test battery that is used is developed by our trained user (in conjunction with the client), who will then administer and report on the test results to ensure objectivity and comparability.


Reference checking: The reference checking process at Research Recruitment gains relevant applicant data from people whom the applicant has previously been closely associated. Research Recruitment conducts behaviourally based reference checks probing specific skills and competencies, specific projects, achievements and job responsibilities, character and interpersonal skills.


Placement and ongoing HR support: Research Recruitment can assist with contract negotiations and ongoing issues encompassing the entire Human Resource cycle including sponsorship requirements, induction, performance management and training needs.


For more information on how we can tailor our winning formula to meet your needs, contact the team at Research Recruitment.