keeping it real


Our strength lies in the fact that we have a unique understanding of the market research industry because of our market research agency experience. This enables us to fully comprehend what a specific role will entail and what is required in a candidate. More importantly, we can determine whether or not a candidate has the skills you require.


One tool we utilise in this regard is a comprehensive psychometric assessment service that involves tests that are specifically tailored to measure individual candidate characteristics such as ability, aptitude, personality and work style. The appropriate selection of tests is developed by our trained organisational psychologists (in conjunction with the client), who will then identify, administer and report on the test results to ensure objectivity and comparability. The advantage of implementing these tests is that it enables the assessment of less tangible and observable abilities and traits underlying effective performance - such as analytical capacity, attention to detail, customer focus and quality orientation, which can often be difficult to ascertain from a resume or during an interview.